Friday, May 23, 2008

Oscar Elias Biscet

Hola amigos,

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prisionero "político", más bien de conciencia, y vean las condiciones en que tienen a este hombre por solamente oponerse al régimen de Fidel Castro y su hermano. Siempre de niño, escuche las grandes historias de valor del pueblo Cubano en contra, en aquel entonces, del imperio español, pero mientras crecía, mirando el sufrimiento de nuestro pueblo en carne propia, me preguntaba donde estaban esos grandes cubanos de los cuales hablan nuestros libros de historia, en un momento de mi vida perdí toda la fe en aquellas historias. Hoy, el cubano, y me incluyo, busca la solución a todos sus problemas huyendo a 90 millas, y ni siquiera sabemos porque tenemos que salir de Cuba, algunos dicen que porque no tienen comida, otros porque andaban en bicicleta, pero nunca dicen que el verdadero problema es la falta de libertades. Cuando supe de Biscet, me di cuenta que este era uno de aquellos hombres de nuestros libros, y que su gran miedo, es vivir sin libertad, y su mas grande deseo es que su pueblo pueda ser capas de elegir a sus gobernantes cuando estos no funcionen. Cubanos, creo que tenemos una obligación muy grande con este hombre que sacrifica su vida por nuestra libertad pacíficamente, y que mejor manera que denunciando estas atrocidades ante el mundo, un mundo total mente ajeno a la realidad cubana. Fidel Castro asalto a punta de fusil, derramando mucha sangra cubana, el cuartel Moncada, y fue absuelto por el propio tirano Batista ante la gran presión internacional, sin embargo, mantiene a Biscet bajo tierra. Amigos, creo que a Oscar Elías Biscet, "la historia realmente lo absorberá"

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Cubans for change


We Cubans have a tendency to vote republican in the general elections, and I include my self in this remark, and the reason is because that party tends to have a strong policy against the Castro regime, but we have seeing that this policy has failed for the last 45 years. It is time to change that, we need to elect some one who is willing to start diplomatic relationships with the new government in the island; this is why I encourage you to vote for Barack Obama, whom I believe represents that change. Cubans represent more than a 50% of the register voters in south Florida, what makes us a significant majority, and a voice that needs to be heard. But this is not only about Cuba, this nation has being like a second home for all of us, and today this great nation is on what I believe is the wrong path, we are in a war, first intended to “protect us” but what is really doing is building more enemies for our country instead of making friends, and in top of that, is killing thousands of American lives, there is noting patriotic about that. I think is in our hands to change that, and put some one in power who spends the all the resources we are spending “rebuilding Iraq”, rebuilding our economy, our infrastructure, protecting our borders, and creating a good health care and a good social security system for all of us. That is why I have decided to vote for Barack Obama as our next commander and sheaf. We gave George W. Bush the chance, why should not we give it to Obama.

Arian De La Vega

Friday, May 9, 2008

My feelings

Our contry it's being on an 8 years detour from its true destiny in history, it is time to get back on track. people lets unite and work together on our future, building not only a better america, but a better world for our children. That is why I decided to vot for Obama, I still a Republican, but I think our contry is more important than a political party. VOTE FOR BARACK OBAMA, the true change for America

Arian De La Vega

2008 Elections


My name is Arian De La Vega; I am a 28 year old, Cuban immigrant from Miami. I am a register republican, but this November I will not vote republican, I have decided to vote for Barack Obama, I think he is a man of great vision, who refuses to follow especial interest, for example he refused to vote in favor of invading Iraq, because he saw beyond his nose, he saw that Iraq was not our true enemy, and that Saddam Hussein was not behind the 911 attacks, and that there was something behind the idea of the WMD. Today we see that we are stock in a war that is keeping us from finding our true declared enemy, Osama Bin Laden, Barack Obama proved all of us wrong. And even today with the so popular idea within the politicians of a tax break for gas, he is proving him self again a man of great vision, by saying that this is only a temporary solution, and that it will only put a band aid to the wound, when what we really need is to look into the future, and find new sources of energy. I also think that this he is unifying our country, and finishing with our unnecessary long history of division between black and white America, when there should be only one. I think that if we elect him, we are telling black America that we are a changed nation, and that the race issue belongs in the past. Last elections I voted for George W. Bush, because I believed in him, today I fill betrayed by his policies made out of lies, his out of touch with the pour and working middle class America, and his support for the insurance and oil companies. I still believe in the republican philosophy, and I am not switching parties, but I do believe that our party is being high jacked by a bunch of ignorant dictators, that cover them selves in the patriotic and religious flag, in order to reach their goal, and what they are really doing is hurting our country, there is nothing patriotic about that. I believe Barack Obama represents a change to this none sense, I think that when Barack Obama says he is not proud of America, he means what America is today, I’m not proud either, but if he is running for office is to change that, and to make us all, like Ronald Reagan did once, feel proud again of being Americans. I believe Obama will change how the rest of the world think of us, being able to travel around the world, it hurts me to see how the rest of the world sees our country, like a nation of ignorant, selfish and fat people, with a double standard. We go around the world preaching respect for the human rights and yet until almost yesterday, black people were not aloud to seat any where they wanted in a bus. Instead of trying to be the police of the world, we should let the rest of the world decide how they want to live their lives, and focus all of those resources and energy in making a better America for our children. I do not think a father should be afraid of loosing his job because his afraid of loosing his son’s medical insurance, I think we should move on with the rest of the first world countries, and have our government secure our youth health, at least until their 18th birthday, this will make parents spent more time with their children raising a better citizen. One of the things that Reagan did that made him one of the greatest politicians of our times, and that also made me very proud of being a republican, and an American, was the fact that he was a key factor in the fall of the communist regime in the Soviet Union, and he did it by sitting down and talking with them, he understood that doing that he was showing them respect. Being Cuban, I understand what it is to live in a totalitarian communist regime, but I also understand that the politics that our government has had towards the island over the last 50 years has not being successful, and it is time to change it, Barack Obama has shown inters in sitting down with Raul Castro to start some kind of relationship, that will eventually open up Cuba to the rest of the world, again, that shows the great vision of the man. The must common argument of our conservative commentators in radio is his lack of experience, but I say that his ability to convince a vast majority of our nation, of voting for a Black African American, says a lot of how good of a politician he is, and that is exactly what we need today to lead our nation. For this and many other reasons, like his charisma and character, is why I have decided to vote for Barack Obama these coming presidential elections in November 2008.

God Bless America
Arian De La Vega
Miami FL
May 9, 2008